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Making An Impact With Lighting

One thing we at Coomer & Co. emphasize is the importance of lighting. It can make or break a space. You can have everything else in the room be perfection and have an outdated light and game over! A lot of people think that updating lighting is an expensive change to make. While this can be true, today we have such great access to different price ranges and styles that’s necessarily not the case anymore. It is actually a really great way to get bang for your buck! Not only can it instantly update an area it also adds wonderful ambiance and creates another layer of depth to your space. Below we wanted to share lighting we’ve used throughout the years in many different homes!

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Master Bedrooms Over the Years

After last weeks blog about not neglecting your bedroom I wanted to share some examples of  bedrooms Coomer & Co. has designed over the years. As you can see each has its own unique look based upon the clients wants and needs. However in true Coomer & Co. fashion we always try to add a touch of casual elegance. Enjoy!

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Don’t Neglect Your Bedroom

So many people, including me, put their bedroom on the back burner. You think who else will see this room anyway?! We forget that we spend more time in our bedroom than any other space in the house. Recently we did a segment on our local news about not neglecting your bedroom and how to make it a sanctuary. 

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Accent Walls Using Brick, Tile, & Stone!

Accent walls are a fun way to jazz up any space. If you are looking to add instant drama to an otherwise boring area this is one of the best ways to achieve it. There are so many different types of materials that you can use to create an accent wall. Some that I like to use are brick, tile, and stone. These are materials that provide instant texture and depth to your space.

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tara coomer

Tara Coomer’s lifelong interest in Interior Design evolved into a love and passion of helping others make a house into a home. As an interior design company we are always infusing our personal style and taste into our clients homes and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone while still being true to who they are.


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